Fan project 7942

happy 2nd birthday of 7942 franceThe 12th of April, 2014 is an important date for all I♥U, yes it will be exactly two years since our beloved 7942 have begun with this beautiful ballad « I’ll be famous » !
To celebrate this event 7942France want to mark the occasion by making a huge project !
This project will be in the form of a donation of rice !

“These days, Korean fandoms send ‘rice wreaths’ instead of customary flower bouquets to a celebrity’s event (concert, musical, or press conference) in order to show their support for their favorite stars.”

“While the messages drew much amusement, the general public seems to approve of this new kind of dedication, as it displays a more mature fandom culture. Fans are not only supporting their favorite star, but they’re also helping out rice farmers and people in need with their donations. Thus, sending just one rice wreath to express love for a celebrity is also a mark of being socially conscious.”

– Allkpop

All IU are our friends, our  friends want to take part in this charity project to show our love and support towards the boys and also for the less fortunate who will be the benefactor of the amount of rice we donated.

We decided to collect as many donations and reach the greatest possible kilos in order to help as many people in need. More your gift is , the more you help people. And our love for boys only be bigger and stronger.

We are planning to use Dreame‘s service ( for the whole project as they have handled quite a number of overseas support events such as this. Based on Dreame’s official website, 20kg of rice wreath is worth USD 60. As we are aiming to donate 200kg of rice, that would cost us at least USD 660 just for the rice. (It will cost about 847USD with banners etc).

We aim to send the rice wreath as INTERNATIONAL IU.

How to donate?

The maximum quantity each individual fan can donate will be 1 pack of 20kg of rice, which cost USD 60. However you are most welcome to donate more than that to cover for extra expenses.

Or you may invite your friends to pool the donation of 1 pack.
(Please note that the above mentioned USD60/20kg does not include PayPal or bank surcharges)

  • 1) If you have a Paypal account, you can simply send your donation to our account at

(Please send e-mail to with as object [ 2 years Donation Group ] “your name, amount, country name & proof of payment” after you have transferred the donation to us)

  • 2) If you don’t have Paypal account or credit card, you can contact and ask our local admins as to how you can participate in this charity project.

Indonesia –   Facebook and Twitter|
Singapour – Admins Amelia and Vicky |Facebook and  Twitter | email :
Japan – coming soon but you can contact us >

Deadline: MARCH 30, 2014

We will also reach out to most 7942 fanclubs all over the world to make it easier for IU to make donations locally. Please visit our blog regularly as we will update this post with more info for more countries.

If you have any questions about donations please send us an email to 7942chilgsae.france@

Thank you for your attention and please spread this word around! ^^



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